What Makes Our Approach Different?

Hybrid Medical School Curriculum <br>Student-Focused Faculty

Hybrid Curriculum, Student-Focused Faculty

What Makes Our Approach Different?

Hybrid Curriculum, Student-Focused Faculty

Hybrid Curriculum,
Student-Focused Faculty

Twenty years ago, OUM emerged as a trendsetter, blending interactive distance learning and traditional hands-on clinical training to bring an accredited medical education to students around the globe, helping aspiring medical practitioners overcome distance, personal, and professional barriers to achieve their dream of practicing medicine. OUM’s Doctor of Medicine (MD) program is a rigorous medical school curriculum, typically completed in 4.5 to 5 years.

The diversity of OUM’s student body is impressive, both in its range of professions and the native countries it represents. Evolving into a medical school which welcomes non-traditional students, the majority of OUM students have many years of experience in the workforce, largely in healthcare professions, but also in a wide variety of other careers.

Our international medical school accreditation is an important quality indicator which validates the quality of our educational programs. It also provides our diverse student body with the requisite credentials needed by graduates of foreign medical schools to practice in many countries.

Many OUM students arrive at the University having already achieved noteworthy career success. Their study of medicine, many while also juggling professional and family responsibilities, makes them even more impressive. That is why their opinions mean so much. Here is a snapshot of thoughts shared by OUM students and graduates.

OUM was founded by an Act of Parliament of the South Pacific island nation of Independent Samoa in 2002. Today, the University has evolved from its local mission to expand Samoa’s medical education opportunities and better meet the health needs of the island’s underserved into an internationally accredited online medical school with a global student body and medical alumni network practicing in many other countries, as well.

Our faculty is the heart of OUM. Daily, these global medical scholars impart their knowledge with passion and precision, guiding students through their medical school journeys to their common goal — the practice of medicine — together with a supportive environment of professional staff, support programs, and advisory resources.

Oceania University of Medicine’s alumni are noted members of their local medical communities, practicing in Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, the USA, Canada, and beyond.

Many OUM alumni stay involved with the University by mentoring students, speaking at recruitment events, and/or sharing their stories in OUM publications and social media. As all graduates are encouraged to remain part of the University community, the Oceania University of Medicine Alumni Association (OUMAA) has been established guided by the vision statement “Connect, Engage, Succeed, Celebrate.” For information regarding free OUMAA membership or upcoming meetings, graduates are encouraged to contact oumaa@oum.edu.ws

Assuring student success is an OUM cornerstone and the University’s Advisory Programs take the lead in guiding and supporting students toward their goal. Students begin working with Student Success Advisors early during their pre-clinical coursework and Research Advisors guide students through their required research project.

OUM Samoa Graduation
Taffy Gould

Taffy Gould
Founder and Chairman


For many individuals who seek a medical education, becoming a medical practitioner has been a lifelong dream. Perhaps it is the desire to realize such a dream that has led you here to learn about Oceania University of Medicine (OUM). We welcome your inquiry.

OUM’s innovative program has helped many aspiring medical practitioners overcome distance, personal, and professional barriers to achieve their dream. Founded in 2002 in the South Pacific island nation of Independent Samoa, OUM has evolved from a local mission to better meet the health needs of underserved island communities into an accredited international medical school with a global student body.

You are about to make choices that will shape your future, and we look forward to sharing in your exciting years ahead.

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