All You Need to Know

Applying to OUM

All You Need to Know

Applying to OUM

When Is the Application Deadline?

Application deadlines for the two cohorts OUM welcomes each year:

  • January Intake Application Deadline = September 1
  • July Intake Application Deadline = March 1

Only complete applications (including supporting documents) will be accepted, and they must be received by the Intake Application Deadline.

Your Application Checklist

  • Certified or official college/university transcripts from ALL institutions attended. Certified transcripts must come directly from the institution. We do not accept uncertified copies of transcripts sent directly from the applicant. Note: Some transcripts may require a formal evaluation report to meet medical school application requirements.

  • Confirmation of English proficiency by international medical school applicants whose first language is not English.

  • Essay on why you want to become a medical doctor

  • Three signed and dated original letters of recommendation (at least one from a medical doctor)

  • Professional résumé/CV

  • Photo ID

  • $250 Non-refundable application fee (Paid in the home country’s currency by residents in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Samoa, and the US. )

Admissions Process at OUM

  • The items listed above are required to apply to the OUM MD program.
  • Please complete all fields in the application.
  • The application is designed to save your information so you may complete it in more than one sitting.
  • Please also see the Admissions Policies page for additional information. Note: Accepted Applicants may defer for only one Intake, and only to the next available Intake. Applicants who do not wish to register in the next Intake must reapply.

To ensure a smooth admissions process and timely consideration of your application to the OUM MD program, it is crucial to submit a complete application by the application deadline. An incomplete application, lacking any of the following required components, will be deemed incomplete:

  • All Certified or Official College/University Transcripts

  • Confirmation of English Proficiency

  • Essay

  • 3 Letters of Recommendation signed and dated (at least one of them must be written by a medical doctor)

  • Professional Résumé/CV

  • Photo ID

  • Non-refundable $250 Application Fee

Submitting an application without any of these required documents will result in it being deemed incomplete, meaning your application will not be considered for admission into OUM’s MD program for that intake. Applicants may defer their application for only one Intake, and only to the next available Intake. Applicants who do not wish to register for the next Intake must reapply by submitting a new application.

Please ensure all required fields in the application are completed and all necessary documents are included prior to submission.

Your Post-Acceptance Checklist

Upon acceptance to the OUM program, students must also provide the following Post-Acceptance documents by December 1 for the January Intake, and June 1 for the July Intake:

  • Criminal Background Check

  • Immunization Records

  • Passport-style Photo

Note: In 2025 Orientation Week (O Week) is tentatively the following dates depending on your Intake and jurisdiction:

  • O Week: 7-10 or 8-11 January for the January 2025 Intake
  • O Week: 24-27 June or 25-28 June for the July 2025 Intake

Please contact for additional information.

How Does the OUM Selection & Interview Process Work?

If you are selected for an interview, you will meet via Zoom with faculty members who sit on the University’s Admissions Selection Committee. This interview focuses on personal qualities and attributes deemed to be essential to both the study and practice of medicine, based on internationally accepted criteria for medical school selection.

Our Admissions Panel takes a holistic approach to every application, considering the overall quality of an applicant’s academic performance, together with the demonstrated intellectual curiosity, discipline, and empathy that are characteristic of successful medical practitioners.

The official decision regarding acceptance is typically made within a week after the interview. Applicants are notified of the decision via email.

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