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OUM graduates are successful and we are proud of them. Through their hard work, they are inspiring their colleagues and making a mark on their careers. Browse through their video profiles to see their achievements and how they are impacting their local medical communities.

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Welcome to the Graduate Success Stories page, where we celebrate the remarkable journeys and achievements of our alumni.

At OUM, we take immense pride in the accomplishments of our graduates. This page is dedicated to showcasing how our alumni have used their education to excel in various fields of medicine, influence healthcare practices, and improve patient outcomes worldwide.

Explore the videos. Read the testimonials. Discover how our graduates are leading and innovating across the globe.

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From leading innovative research projects to heading medical departments and volunteering in underserved areas, our graduates are making a real difference. Their stories highlight the diverse paths and possibilities that a degree from OUM can open.”

Each story here is a source of inspiration, illustrating the potential for growth and impact that comes with a commitment to excellence in medical education. We hope these stories motivate our current students and those of you considering joining our close and respected community.

Naomi Briggs, MD, Class of 2018 AUS (QLD)
Junior House Officer, Queensland Health

Thomas Dalton, MD, Class of 2021, AUS (NSW)
Junior Medical Officer, Central Coast Local Health District, NSW

Wendy Chen, MD, Class of 2017 USA
Instructor of Clinical Medicine, Stritch School of Medicine, Loyola University Hospitalist, Loyola University Medical Center

Dr. Armand Ntchana, Class of 2022, MD USA, Family Medicine Resident at Louisiana State University, LA USA

Paris Pearce, Class of 2016, MBBS AUS (VIC), Medical Doctor at Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia

Map of OUM testimonials

Graduate Testimonials

“I am proud to be an OUM graduate and grateful to the university for the opportunity to become a doctor. I always wanted to be a doctor, since my school days, but I could not achieve it at that time. OUM prepares its graduates very well through its rigorous curriculum and at the same time provides the opportunity to study the pre-clinical years in live, interactive virtual classrooms in the comfort of your home. I also had the opportunity to do my clinical rotations at local hospitals.”

Dickson John, MD, Class of 2024, New Zealand

“I liked that OUM provided a way to study and gain a medical degree via distance learning. This allowed me to stay at home and be close to friends and family. This was particularly important to me as I did not want such a drastic change in lifestyle and routine back when I enrolled in 2013.”

Man with dark hair and glasses looking to his right dressed in a dark gray sweaterRakin Chowdhury, MD, Class of 2018, New Zealand

“I appreciated OUM’s flexibility and my clinical rotations, especially learning in Samoa, which was amazing. Gaining hands-on experience in a variety of different areas in Samoa, such as assisting with surgical procedures, performing deliveries, working in emergency, pediatrics and internal medicine departments really allowed me to hone my clinical skills and facilitated my comfort level working in rural and remote settings.”

Sonja Bruin, MBBS, CCFP-EM, Family Physician, Class of 2014, Canada

“I loved being part of the community outreach organized by OUM, the Samoa Rotary Club, and TTM Hospital. We conducted health screenings, medical consults, and identified high risk individuals in the villages. As students, we looked forward to putting our training into practice and being part of a good cause.”

Filipina Amosa-Lei Sam, MBBS, Class of 2011, Samoa

“My advice: enjoy the journey. Medical school is a tough but rewarding experience. Make sure you have a good support system of people around you to keep you motivated and also have interests and hobbies outside of study so you can maintain some form of work-life balance.”

Vafa-LalehzariVafa Lalehzari, MD, MPH, Class of 2021, NSW, Australia

“While I was a local and could have stayed near my home, I decided to live in OUM’s dormitory, which is no longer there. I made new friends from all walks of life and from different parts of the globe. I also got to learn different study techniques and managed to perfect what works for me. OUM instilled in me the value of self motivation and perseverance.”

Tapa Fidow, MBBS, MMed, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Class of 2007, Samoa

“If it wasn’t for OUM, I wouldn’t have been able to go to medical school when I did. OUM allows you to become a doctor, and practice in your home country. It allows you more flexibility in your work and study, but it is not a shortcut. You still have to study just as hard. And I don’t believe it’s easier than in-person medical school. It has different advantages and obstacles.”

Wendy C.Wendy Chen, MD, Hospitalist, Class of 2017, US

OUM Alumni

OUM’s alumni are noted members of their local medical communities, practicing in Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, the USA, Canada, and beyond.

Many alumni stay involved with OUM by mentoring students, speaking at recruitment events, and sharing their stories in social media. The Oceania University of Medicine Alumni Association (OUMAA) is guided by the vision statement “Connect, Engage, Succeed, Celebrate.” For information regarding free OUMAA membership or upcoming meetings, graduates are encouraged to contact

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