OUM Student Life

A Day in the Life of a Medical Student at OUM

Experience a typical day in the life of a medical student at OUM — watch our collection of video interviews with current students for an inside look at the student research opportunities, support services, and student advisory programs available to help them thrive and succeed.

Student Life At OUM

  • Hear in their own words what drew them to OUM, how their studies are progressing, and what they enjoy most about the University.
  • Get a glimpse of the international medical student community and diverse medical student body which defines our culture, and the supportive faculty and programming that provide for a measure of academic/personal/professional life balance that is so crucial for non-traditional medical students.
  • Learn if the global medical school network established through students residing in our primary markets of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Samoa, and the US is the best place to begin your own medical school journey.

Jasmin Woodbrine
Pre-Clinical Student, USA

Linda-Washington Brown
Pre-Clinical Student, USA

Jessica Bell
Pre-Clinical Student, AUS (QLD)

Lorelei Hennessy
Clinical Student, NZ

Walter Ikealumba
Clinical Student, AUS (WA)

Junaid Minhas
Clinical Student, AUS (NSW)

Kereng Modise
Pre-Clinical Student, AUS (ACT)

Richie Wessen
Pre-Clinical Student, AUS (NSW)

Map of OUM testimonials

Student Testimonials

“I love that OUM allows me to organize my study schedule in a flexible way that accommodates my personal and professional obligations. I am thrilled to be in a medical program that facilitates and supports me in my journey to becoming a physician. OUM was my number one choice of medical schools to attend and I would recommend this program to any prospective students.”
Portrait of serious looking man with short black hairStephen Martin, Pre-Clinical Student, Canada
“Enrolling at OUM has been one of the most rewarding decisions I’ve ever made. It has allowed me to follow my dream profession while maintaining the flexibility to work part-time and indulge in other passions and hobbies. Now immersing myself in system-based modules, I especially enjoy the case discussions that enable me to connect with fellow students while also having a platform to apply the knowledge I have gained to real-life scenarios. It is a bridge between theory and practice that I truly value.”
Smiling portrait of a young man with dark hair wearing eye glasses.Saraf Chowdhury, Pre-Clinical Student, New Zealand

“OUM re-ignited my passion for medicine. I am now doing my system-based modules and I have managed to juggle my small business, a young family, and my studies. I do burn the midnight oil, but for me the flexibility is what has allowed this to be possible. OUM recognizes the need for flexibility for late bloomers like myself, and in this way is affording me and my colleagues a chance at achieving this dream.”

OUM Student Kereng-ModiseKereng Modise, Pre-Clinical Student, AUS

“I am definitely enjoying my OUM journey. I love that you can organize an individualized study schedule that works best for you. This helps a lot when you have a family to take care of. I am currently really enjoying my clinical rotations. I am a kinesthetic learner, so I learn best when I am able to assess patients hands on.”

med student smiling, long blond hair, headshotVerna Brooks, Clinical Student, US

“I loved being part of the mini-case discussions during system-based modules. It gives you the opportunity to teach others what you found during your research and studies but also allows you to learn from your peers about their findings. It’s a great learning environment.”

young african american man wearing longsleeve white button down headshot sitting with grey background. Short hair. GlassesWalter Chukwunonso Ikealumba, Clinical Student, AUS

“During one of the Admissions Info sessions, one of the faculty speakers said that you have to ‘choose a medical school that meets your needs.’ Being able to work part-time during the pre-clinical curriculum was a big selling point for OUM, just as it had been with my nursing program.”

middle aged asian man wearing dark blue OUM scrubs, a stethoscope around his neck, with his hands crossed in front of him smilingPaul Lam, Clinical Student, AUS

“OUM’s program allowed me to pursue a medical degree with an international focus and afforded me the opportunity to gain experience in both metropolitan and rural settings within Australia throughout my clinical rotations, preparing me for the challenges and rewards of being a doctor. OUM’s program is well-rounded and comprehensive. Also, I am part of OUMSA and the Peer Support Program which enhances my student experience and connects me with more of my peers.”

Close-up portrait of man with short brown hairJunaid Minhas, Clinical Student, AUS

“OUM’s non-traditional approach to medical education has given me the flexibility to pursue this lifelong dream while juggling a full-time office job and working on a farm during my pre-clinical years. I’m now in my third clinical rotation at the National TTM Hospital in Samoa and enjoying the hands-on patient experience and excellent teaching provided by our very own Samoan medical doctors.”

Samoan woman long braided black hair wearing a mint green dressCecilia Fatima Amosa, Clinical Student, Samoa

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Student Support Programs

Assuring student success is an OUM cornerstone and the University’s medical student Advisory Programs take the lead in guiding and supporting students toward their goal. Students may begin working with Student Success Advisors early during their pre-clinical coursework. Research Advisors also guide students through their required research project.

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