Tuition fees are paid in the currency of the country where a student resides. Students residing  in countries other than Australia, New Zealand, or Canada pay tuition and fees in US dollars.

New students are required to pay a $500.00 non-refundable Matriculation Fee at the time of acceptance to secure their choice of enrollment date. Classes are filled on a first-paid, first-reserved basis.

Tuition and Fees effective January 2022:

The base tuition fee for all students for the entire degree program is $160,000, payable over the first four years.

Additional fees are as follows:

  • Library Fee…$600/year
  • Exam Proctor Fee…$200/year
  • Clinical Skills Practicum…$500
  • OSCEs (ANZ students)…$500
  • OSCEs (North America students)…as charged by provider
  • Hospital Fees may be charged for clinical rotations.


Tuition and fee payments may be remitted by credit card, or electronic transfer of funds from accounts in Australian dollars (AUD), New Zealand dollars (NZD), or US dollars (USD). Canadian dollars (CAD) are only accepted via credit card. Payment plans are also available and detailed below.

A non-refundable 2.77 percent convenience fee is charged for all credit card payments. Applicants, matriculants, and students may make credit card payments  online by logging into their account in eOUM.

For students seeking to make tuition payments in AUD or NZD utilizing an electronic transfer of funds or a direct deposit, please contact the Bursar or the AUS/NZ Student Affairs Administrator.

Students in the USA and Canada* may remit payment by check or credit card on an account drawn in US dollars (USD).

*Tuition in Canadian dollars must be made via credit card.


Payments may be made by direct deposit, electronic transfer of funds, or credit card (Discover, MasterCard, or Visa), depending upon the student’s country of residence.

Option A

$40,000 at the start of the program and at the start of the three subsequent academic years, for which a 5% discount will be given

Option B

$20,000 on January 1 and $20,000 on July 1 of each academic year, for four years

Option C

$10,000 at the start of the program and the remaining $150,000 spread over the subsequent 47 months, with a 2.5% Administration Fee applied ($3271.27/month)

Refund Policy:  A refund will be made of fees paid for unused months of instruction less $10,000, and with a 2% Administration Fee on the refunded amount. Application and Matriculation Fees are not refundable or applicable to other fees.


Once payment is processed by the Bursar’s Office, a confirmation e-mail is sent to the student’s OUM e-mail address, and the student’s financial account in eOUM is updated to reflect the payment.


A $25 late penalty and 1.5 percent monthly late charges will be assessed on unpaid balances after the due date. Students with unpaid bills will not be permitted to register for subsequent terms, receive module grades, diplomas, or transcripts.


All returned checks are deposited twice, automatically and without notice.  A Returned Check Fine of US$35 will be assessed to the student’s account for each unsuccessful check.