Tuition fees are typically paid in the local currency of where the student resides. Students residing in  Australia pay in Australian dollars, students residing in Canada pay in Canadian dollars, students who reside in New Zealand pay in New Zealand dollars, and students who reside in the United States, or in countries other than Australia, Canada, and New Zealand pay tuition and fees in US dollars.

New students are required to pay a $500.00 non-refundable matriculation fee at the time of acceptance to secure their choice of enrollment date.  The matriculation fee, plus the non-refundable $5,000 fee paid for the 12-week Introduction to Medicine course, will be applied to the first e-Foundation module. The balance of the tuition fee for the initial e-Foundation module must be paid at least 30 days before the term begins. Classes are filled on a first-paid, first-reserved basis, and classes are limited to 30 students per session. Tuition fees are listed below.

e-Foundation 100 Track

Term 2104 (July 2021) & beyond

e-Foundation 300 Track

Term 2104 (July 2021) & beyond

Matriculation Fee$500$500
Introduction to Medicine Course (12-weeks)$5,000, credited toward tuition fees upon registration in MD Course$5,000, credited toward tuition fees upon registration in MD Course
e-Foundation 300-Series Track $11,000 for the 30-week module
Basic Science Track (100-series)9 blocks @ $5,500 per six-week block
System-Based Modules9 modules @ $5,500 each9 modules @ $5,500 each
Trends & Topics, Research Methodology, and Day-One Clinical Skills Course3 modules @ $5,500 per module3 modules @ $5,500 per module
Clinical Clerkships: 12-week modules2 modules @ $8,250 per module *2 modules @ $8,250 per module *
Clinical Clerkships: 8-week modules3 modules @ $5,500 per module *3 modules @ $5,500 per module *
Clinical Clerkships: 4-week modules6 modules @ $2,750 per module *6 modules @ $2,750 per module *

*Does not include hospital or housing fees at the site of the rotation or related travel/accommodations. Rotation hospital fees are paid in the currency of the country where the hospital is located.

After the first module, all tuition fees for modules or blocks are due four weeks before the term begins, during Registration Week, which is held four weeks before a term start date.  Students who do not make arrangements by the end of Registration Week may not be able to take the next term and will be subject to late fees.


As all of OUM’s textbooks are available on Elsevier’s Clinical Key, OUM has negotiated a special rate of $600 per student per year with Elsevier. Users of Clinical Key are given full-text access to more than 500 of Elsevier’s journals, 900 books, and 9,000 medical and procedural videos.

In addition to the tuition and textbook costs, students are required to pay a $200 per year examination proctoring fee.


In order to maintain good standing in OUM, students must complete 24 weeks of instruction per academic year to remain in good standing. Additionally, the pre-clinical curriculum must be completed within four calendar years. During the clinical years, students are expected to successfully complete 24 weeks of clerkships during each academic year (and to complete the entire clinical program within three calendar years) to remain in good standing.


Tuition and fee payments may be remitted by credit card, or electronic transfer of funds from accounts in Australian dollars (AUD), New Zealand dollars (NZD), or US dollars (USD). Canadian dollars (CAD) are only accepted via credit card. Payment plans are also available and detailed below.

A non-refundable 2.77 percent convenience fee is charged for all credit card payments. Applicants, matriculants, and students may make credit card payments  online by logging into their account in eOUM.

For students seeking to make tuition payments in AUD or NZD utilizing an electronic transfer of funds or a direct deposit, please contact the Bursar or the AUS/NZ Student Affairs Administrator.

Students in the USA and Canada* may remit payment by check or credit card on an account drawn in US dollars (USD).

*Tuition in Canadian dollars must be made via credit card.


Once payment is processed by the Bursar’s Office, a confirmation e-mail is sent to the student’s OUM e-mail address, and the student’s financial account in eOUM is updated to reflect the payment.


A $25 late penalty and 1.5 percent monthly late charges will be assessed on unpaid balances after the due date. Students with unpaid bills will not be permitted to register for subsequent terms, receive module grades, diplomas, or transcripts.


All returned checks are deposited twice, automatically and without notice.  A Returned Check Fine of US$35 will be assessed to the student’s account for each unsuccessful check.


Financial aid and loans from the University are currently not available.  To ease the burden of tuition payments, OUM has created payment plans.

Payment Plans
Payment plans are available to all OUM students, as long as the student is in good standing and has not abused the payment plan privilege in the past.

Option 1
OUM will accept payment on student accounts in installments as long as half of the balance is paid four weeks before classes begin, and the balance due is paid three weeks after classes begin. The installment payment plan is:
• Four weeks before the term begins: half of tuition
• Upon completion of three weeks of class: half of tuition

Option 2
Monthly payments may be made by direct deposit, electronic transfer of funds, or credit card (Discover, MasterCard, or Visa), depending upon the student’s country of residency.  Students in good standing may spread tuition payments evenly over an entire 12-month period (December through November) for the number of modules they plan to take during that time. Payments are due on the first of every month. For example, if a student plans to take four modules during a 12-month period, the monthly payment would be the total cost of four modules, divided by 12.

Students who participate in either of these options and default or fall behind on payments will not receive their module grade and may not register for another module until the account is settled. In addition, the opportunity to continue on a payment plan may be subject to review by the Bursar’s Office.


Students who withdraw from a module may be eligible for a tuition refund (excluding non-refundable deposits and convenience fees), depending upon when their official notice is submitted. All refunds will be made within 30 days of the withdrawal date.

* Please note that the convenience fee for credit card payments will not be refunded.

On or before commencement of classes100% refund*
Within first week of classes75% refund*
Within second week of classes50% refund*
After second week of classesNo refund