Tuition for the MD Program is $160,000, payable over the first four years in the student’s local currency. Students residing in countries other than Australia, New Zealand, Canada or Samoa pay tuition and fees in US dollars.

The current additional fees, which are over and above the tuition payment obligations, are as follows: 

  • Library Fee: $600/year (This fee covers electronic access to all textbooks as well as Elsevier’s ClinicalKey and ClinicalKey Student and other online platforms.)
  • Exam Proctor Fee: $200/year (This fee covers electronic exam proctoring.)
  • Clinical Skills Course (ANZ): $500
  • Clinical Skills Course (NA): TBD
  • OSCEs (ANZ students): $500 
  • OSCEs (NA students): TBD
  • Hospital Fees may be charged by some hospitals for clinical rotations.
  • Student Identification Card: $30
  • Late Payment Fee: $25
  • Non-Sufficient Funds Fee: $35
  • Asynchronous Course Fee (if needed): $200/week
  • Remedial Course Tuition (if needed): 75% of tuition rate
  • Remedial Rotation Exam (if needed): $400


OUM offers three Tuition Plan options: Monthly, Annual, and Semi-Annual.

Each plan requires a minimum initial tuition charge of $10,000 (called the Intake Payment Fee) by the beginning of your intake month (1 January, or 1 July for mid-year intakes) in order to secure a spot in the cohort and attend Orientation.

Note: Some students may already have been charged a Matriculation Fee and an initial Course Tuition Fee. These charges will be reversed, leaving a credit balance on your account that will get applied to the $10,000 Intake Payment Fee by 1 December 2021, which will reduce the amount you must pay to cover that initial $10,000 tuition. Please be sure to check your account balance after 1 December 2021 to confirm the correct amount due by 1 January 2022.

After your Intake Payment Fee (initial tuition charge of $10,000) you will have until the Plan Selection Deadline (31 January, or 31 July for mid-year intakes) to decide whether you wish to proceed with Monthly payments, or provide additional funds for the Annual or Semi-Annual Plan.

Payments may be made by direct deposit, electronic transfer of funds, or credit card (Discover, MasterCard, or Visa), depending upon the student’s country of residence. Credit card payments incur a surcharge of 2.77%.


Annual Plan: Students pay $38,000 annually then get a $2,000 tuition credit posted to their OUM account, representing a 5% discount on tuition. Incoming students choosing this plan will need to pay an additional $28,000 by the Plan Selection Deadline in order to select this plan. Thereafter, the $38,000 annual payment will be due every 1 January (or 1 July for mid-year intakes).

Semi-Annual Plan: Students pay $20,000 every six months. Incoming students will need to pay an additional $10,000 by the Plan Selection Deadline in order to select this plan. Thereafter, the $20,000 Semi-Annual Plan payment will be due every 1 July and 1 January.

Monthly Plan: No additional funds due by the Plan Selection Deadline. The $150,000 balance of your tuition will be divided into 47 equal monthly payments. Each monthly payment on this plan will be subject to a 2.5% finance fee.


Tuition payments will be refunded in the case of withdrawal from the program but may be subject to an Administrative Fee as follows:

If a student withdraws:

  • Prior to the start of Orientation, there will be a full refund and no Administrative Fee.
  • Prior to the start of ITM, there will be a $1,000 Administrative Fee.
  • Within the first two weeks of ITM, there will be a $5,000 Administrative Fee.
  • After the second week of ITM, we will take the total amount of your tuition divided by the number of weeks in your program, and then multiply by the number of weeks of instruction you received at OUM. This is your Prorated Tuition Cost. Your Withdrawn Tuition Cost will be equal to your Prorated Tuition Cost, or $10,000, whichever is greater. The Withdrawn Tuition Cost will be subtracted from the amount of your actual tuition payments made to OUM (not including any prepayment credits or finance fees), so you will receive a refund of any overage, less a 5% Administrative Fee. 

Application Fees are not refundable or applicable to other fees.