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Age is a Non-Issue

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OUM is filled with people who forged ahead with their dream to become a physician, regardless of age. OUM Welcomes Non-traditional Students  According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, the mean age of students entering medical school is 24 years of age in 2015. Their data also showed that matriculants over the age of 31 comprise less than 4 percent of new [...]

Life After OUM

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Graduates say they received positive reactions about selecting a non-traditional curriculum outside their home countries. “Where” Doesn’t Matter The decision to attend medical school is difficult. It requires a lot of due diligence. In reviewing their options, some OUM graduates admit they were initially concerned about their peers' perceptions of international medical graduates (IMGs). They [...]

OUM Names Australia’s Dr. Christopher May as Chancellor

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Oceania University of Medicine’s governing board, the OUM Council, has appointed Dr. Christopher May, OUM’s Executive Dean for Australia, as Chancellor. “We are delighted to have Chris May’s energy, intelligence, and experience to help lead OUM into the future,” says Taffy Gould, Chairman of the OUM Council. “Though the Chancellor is largely a ceremonial and [...]

OUM Rounds out Executive Team: Brown and Dudley Promoted

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Oceania University of Medicine has appointed Dr. Randell Brown, Associate Dean, to Deputy Vice Chancellor and Chris Dudley, Director of Communications & Recruitment, to Director of Administration. “These appointments round out our executive team, in addition to Dr. Lameko as Vice Chancellor and Dr. May as Chancellor,” says Taffy Gould, Chairman of the OUM Council. [...]

PAASCU Re-Accredits OUM for Five Years

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Oceania University of Medicine has been granted formal re-accreditation for a five-year period by the Board of Directors of the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU) at its May 15, 2015, meeting. When PAASCU first accredited OUM in 2010, the University gained the distinction of being the first and only internationally-accredited medical [...]