OUMSA has elected its 2021-2022 officers. The one returning and four new officers come from impressive pre-OUM careers.


Introducing the Student Association’s New Officers

OUMSA election results were announced at the 26/27 March meeting. The new officers look forward to working with fellow students – one for a second year – to strengthen and enrich the medical school experience. They share below what motivated them to become involved at the leadership level with OUMSA.

“My first year as an OUMSA officer was a great experience. Getting to know classmates from all over the world is a lot of what makes OUM so unique. And watching Tom Dalton lead the group for two years as president motivates me to also work hard for the student body. He’s a hard act to follow,” says Rashella D’Amico, newly elected OUMSA President.

Meet this year’s OUMSA officers:

Rashella D’Amico – President – rashella.d.amico@oum.edu.ws

Motivation: Giving back to the community that gave her the opportunity to attend medical school

A long-time AMSA member and last year’s OUMSA Secretary, Rashella ran for office both times because she enjoys being an advocate for others. She began the OUM program in 2017 with the goal to become a family physician or psychiatrist. She is currently completing clinical rotations in Chicago and hopes to complete all her electives in Samoa. Prior to medical school, Rashella spent her career in the mental health field. She is married with four children ranging from four to 20 years old. (She is pictured with her daughter.)

Lauren O’Shea Guiliano – Vice President – lauren.oshea@oum.edu.ws

Motivation: To help create a fair and representative environment

A psychotherapist, Lauren has been an OUM student since January 2020. She and her husband, Jason, have two sons, Nathaniel (7) and Gabriel (4). They moved from New Jersey to Hawaii – which has been an interesting experience – to be able to spend more time together as a family when she begins completing clinical rotations. She ran for OUMSA office to be a voice for her fellow students.

Tamaryn Cornelius Wells – Secretary – tamaryn.cornelius.wells@oum.edu.ws

Motivation: To work with fellow classmates to make sure we have a positive experience and leave a positive legacy

A first-year student, Tamaryn is a Doctor of Nursing Practice and Family/Acute Care Nurse Practitioner at a Stem Cell Transplantation Center of Excellence in Memphis, Tennessee (USA). She says she is “truly married to medicine” and enrolled at OUM with the goal of completing an MD degree and starting a career in Internal Medicine. She loves to travel and is the mother of three wonderful children.

Crystal Jesenick – Treasurer – crystal.jesenick@oum.edu.ws

Motivation: To continue accomplishing her goal to help people

Crystal has been in nursing for 20 years, 15 of those years as a nurse practitioner, experienced in cardiology and hospital medicine. Her passion is learning and helping others to excel in reaching their dreams. Her own dream has been to go to medical school and to help others shine during the process. She loves helping those in need and started a screening clinic in an indigent area that helped people find primary care providers.

Anne Lazari – Sergeant-at-Arms — anne.lazari@oum.edu.ws
Motivation: To give back, facilitate change, and make good, lasting differences

Before OUM, Anne was a Pfizer associate handling sterile injectables manufactured in Australia and marketed globally. Her foundational goals? She always wanted to become a mother and then become a good doctor. Identifying solutions to challenges motivates her, which is why she dedicates herself to organizational groups, such as OUMSA. Her most gratifying experiences have been leading a youth group for five years and establishing a not-for-profit charity to help the homeless.

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