OUM Announces Faculty and Administrative Additions to the University’s New Executive Committee

Following the elevation of Professor Hugh Bartholomeusz to Vice Chancellor, OUM announced several faculty and administrative additions to the University’s new  Executive Committee.

Associate Professor Ross Diplock has been named Dean for Australia and Director of Clinical Education, stepping into the roles previously held by Professor Bartholomeusz. A noted pediatrician/neonatologist and award-winning clinical instructor, he is primed to advise and guide the University’s Australian students through OUM’s rigorous curriculum.

Dr. Daria Camera has been named Director of Pre-Clinical Education and Faculty following the retirement of Dr. Paula Diamante. Dr. Camera was previously the medical school’s Director of Research.

Dr. Nicolette McGuire has assumed the role Director of Student Affairs and Ombudsman. A new role at the University, the ombudsman is pivotal in the interface among leadership, faculty, and students.

Dr. Ahmed Muhsin has been named Director of Research. Most recently Assistant Director of Research, he has also held the post of Assistant Director for Student Advising.

Meg Milne has been named Director of Administration. Previously OUM’s Australia and New Zealand Administration Officer, she has a wealth of university and professional medical college experience.

Grace Beber has assumed the new position Director of Quality Management. A systems analyst, she will guide the University in this area which will define OUM’s place as a leader in hybrid medical education.

“These new appointees join their colleague directors and the University’s Regional Deans in Australia, New Zealand, North America, and Samoa to form OUM’s new Executive Committee, which I am privileged and honoured to chair,” says Professor Bartholomeusz. The committee also includes OUM’s existing regional deans Professor Chellaraj Benjamin, Dean for New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific, Dr. Sarmad Ghazi, Dean for North America, and Toleafoa Dr. Viali Lameko, Dean for Samoa.

(October 2021)